Team Meeting Sunday 11-01-09 [aka this Sunday]

Luis de Bethencourt luisbg at
Wed Jan 7 13:51:20 GMT 2009

Hello guys,

We will have a meeting Sunday 11-01-09 [aka this Sunday]. The date is
fixed, the time can be decided in the next 24 hours, so if you have
any problems with certain times let us know ASAP. Tomorrow at around
the same time I will confirm the time. 16:00 UTC bad for anyone?

Please add any points you need/want to be talked...

Initial Meeting agenda:

 * transition to Jack2 (make detailed action plan)
 * dropping pulseuadio for audio task (decide plan, details and action)
 * welcome khashayar1 to the team
 * task allocation for Jaunty (bug tracking/fixing, packages, art, etc..)
 * Jaunty brainstorm
 * [add more here]

Get ready to have action items assigned to people soon :P

Luis de Bethencourt

Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá
<luisbg at>
GPG: B0ED1326

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