ardour and dep

Marc R.J. Brevoort mrjb at
Mon Dec 7 12:07:03 GMT 2009

On Mon, 7 Dec 2009, Cory K. wrote:

>> Is it a reason that I don't understand for that ?
>> Because I'm think it's and VERY VERY hard dep.

There are a lot of audio apps that depend on JACK (Ardour
is no exception- both Ardour and JACK are by Paul Davis).
Perhaps this is part of the reason?

> Actually, should everything under the metas be suggests
> so as to allow folks to compile their own apps?

It's a pity that the JACK API isn't 100% stable yet, and
that if you manually compile JACK due to a small bug fix
in JACK, this basically forces you to either manually
compile *ALL* your audio apps or break them.

It'd be great to be *able* to compile my own apps, but
given the choice, I'd rather not *have* to.

If there's anything that can be done in the packaging
that would 'soften' the dependencies a bit so as to
prevent required mass-recompiles just because of a
minor bugfix, it'd definitely have my vote...
Keeping in mind, of course, that dependencies are
there for a reason and we don't want packages to break


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