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Jussi Schultink jussi01 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 22:47:42 BST 2009

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 12:24 AM, Cory K. <coryisatm at gmail.com> wrote:

> This has perhaps been the single biggest request of users of Ubuntu
> Studio. Eric in his 1st post has detailed the best reasons for it's
> inclusion.
I Fully Agree with Cory here, it is one of the most requested items we have.
I put my full support behind this also, as its something that needs to
happen and has been on the waiting list to happen for a long time.

> Even though I'm on hiatus from the project, I fully support this effort
> and hope it can happen.

Jussi Schultink

> -Cory Kontros
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