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Sat Aug 1 14:53:08 BST 2009

On Sat, August 1, 2009 13:38, Ronan Jouchet wrote:
> Hi Eric, hi everybody,
> My two cents about LiVES:
>   - Though not officially in ubuntu, it is currently regularly packaged
> by the getdeb team ( Does it mean it
> can be easily suggested via REVU?
>   - Note also that it has been maturing quite nicely recently, and seems
> IMHO one of the most well-maintained apps mentioned here.
> I added salsaman (LiVES author) to this discussion.
> Cheers,
> Ronan

Yes indeed, LiVES has been receiving increasing attention since the recent
stable 1.0.0 release, and the excellent review in Linux Journal:

As you mention, it is regularly packaged by the team at, and I
have been working closely with them to make sure that the ubuntu version
is bug free. This is particularly important to me as the main LiVES
development machine is running ubuntu (currently 64 bit Jaunty).

Many of my users have asked about why LiVES is not included in ubuntu
studio (in fact the question came up just this week at the conference I am

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>> Subject: Addition(s) to the Video Meta package
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>> Hi Everyone,
>>       I've seen a number of posts to the forums asking about live video
>> adjustment software, VJ software and the like.  There actually is a
>> large
>> amount of this available for Linux but none in the Ubuntu Studio video
>> meta
>> package.  Here's a quick list of what I've stumbled upon:
>> * FreeJ     packaged:
>> * EffecTV      packaged:
>> * frei0r plugins:     packaged:
>>  (more of a
>> library than a software package)
>> * GEM library for Pure Data     packaged:
>> * PDvjtools     not packaged (yet)
>> * VeeJay    not packaged (yet)
>> * Gephex      not packaged (yet)
>> * Lives   not packaged (yet)
>> Personally I think any one of these softwares would make a great
>> addition to
>> the video meta package, but seeing as I'm not a video junkie I really am
>> not
>> sure if they'll get used.  This e-mail is to judge public
>> interest/support
>> for such an addition to the meta, and if it's positive, which of the
>> above
>> (or possibly one I haven't listed) would be best?
>> Logically, adding one that's already in the repositories would be
>> easiest
>> for Karmic, but if packaging wasn't a stumbling block I'd prefer to see
>> VeeJay added (purely based on the look of it's user interface).  The
>> libraries for Pure Data would also be nice additions since Pure Data is
>> already included in the audio meta.  FreeJ also looks good.  Thoughts?
>> -Eric Hedekar

Since I know a little about these apps I can comment on them.

FreeJ is a video application which is mostly used for installations.
Rather unusually for a video app, it has an emacs-like inteface. It is
well maintained but release are not as frequent as with other apps. It is
developed by Jaromil, also known for Rastasoft and dynebolic.

EffecTV is one of the most long lived video projects, dating back to the
1990's, developed by Kentaro Fukuchi. It's a simple app which takes a
webcam input and applies various realtime effects to it. I think it is
currently no longer maintained. Many of the effects have been ported to
other applications (for example veejay and LiVES).

Frei0r is an effects library/framework developed my members of piksel. The aim is to provide a basic set of cross
platform video effects. The project is growing in popularity, and is
currently in use by LiVES and now kdenlive.

GEM is an opengl extension for pd (pure data). If you already include pd
then it would be logical to include GEM as well since many patches make
use of it.

pd-vj-tools : strangely enough I am currently at a conference with the
authors of this. It is pretty new and may not yet be stable.

veejay : a great project, the author seems to have been taking a bit of a
break since the 1.0 release, but probably worth including.

gephex: an interesting project, but no longer actively maintained.

Hope this helps,

main developer, LiVES

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