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The problem is well known. For Asmo and others, the Tascam US-122 and
the US-122L don't use the same chipset, although they look exactly the
same. You can find a lot of stuff for the US-122, but nothing working
for the US-122L. The problem is known to be solved by the latest
alsa-driver in combination with the latest kernel 2.6.29. The developper
of the alsa driver for the US-122L explain that it needs the latest USB
driver, allowing full speed on USB2. He developed both the alsa-driver
and the USB kernel patch, wich seems to be included in 2.6.29.

So, trials have to be made once it will be available in a repo. I know a
sound engineer who own this soundcard in my area. We already made some
trials with the kernel in the Ubuntu Studio devel PPA (Jaunty testing
only). But we are not successful at the moment. I suspect a problem with
firmwares (medibuntu) or something like that. As soon as I can get more
time (I have a baby since one month) I'll try to compile latest alsa
packages and a rt kernel from sources. And let you know what is possible
to do or not.

Of course, Bruce, if you can do that and report some feedback, it would
be great.


Asmo Koskinen a écrit :
> bruce kirjoitti:
>> Hi I have the TASCAM US-122L USB.I am using ubuntu studio 9.04.
> There is an old howto for Dapper:
> I think problem is how to get firmware to work. That seems almost 
> impossible with L...
> "IMPORTANT: Tascam US-122 and US-122L are NOT the same"
> Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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