FOSS Project vs. Ubuntu Studio Contribution

Scott Lavender slavender at
Sat Aug 1 16:32:58 BST 2009

Hello everybody,

Recently I committed to helping with Ubuntu Studio in any way I could
but I have to admit that I haven't been active as much lately as I could
and I wanted to explain about it.

Before this I had made another committment which is taking longer than I
had expected.  Simply put, the goal was to create a wiki (or website)
nicely wrapped under the FOSS banner that would document installing and
using Ubuntu Studio to record music.  Ubuntu and Linux neophytes are the
target audience.

You can see what I've done so far here...

Unfortunately, after a month's work I am through the introduction,
installing and just now wrapping up tweaking the Ubuntu Studio setup
which still leaves explaining digital recording and how to use JACK,
Ardour and Hydrogen.  Mixing and mastering really should follow up after

Notably, a side goal would also be to use parts of this to document
Ubuntu Studio installing and use on the official Ubuntu Studio community
documentation page...

Therefore, if you need any direct assistance with anything ** cough
cough Luke I've tried to contact you several time about libffado **
please do not hesitate to contact me to help but for right now I will
not be actively searching for things.

After I get my current project to a certain state I will take a break
and continue some of the other commitments I made to Ubuntu Studio
* testing ISO's
* improving the official Ubuntu Studio community documentation page
* recruiting (I've actually still been working on this slightly)
all of which I see as persistent tasks.

Again, please contact me if you have something direct that I can provide
any assistance (even just researching something on the interwebs) and I
will continue my Ubuntu Studio commitments as time allows for now and
will have more time as other commitments are met.

Scott Lavender

P.S.  Any advice, criticism, corrections or help would be appreciated on
the FOSS project.  And yes, I know the front page has horrible colors
but that is the best that I could come up with for now.

P.S.S. I haven't mentioned the FOSS project wiki to any other mailing
list or forums yet as I wanted it to be fairly servicable at this point.
Hopefully in another month I will be at a point where I am through the
recording sections, people can use it and I can take my break.

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