New application: jackpanel, how to contribute?

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at
Mon Apr 27 10:09:57 BST 2009

Hans Baier wrote:
> Hi, I wrote a GNOME panel applet as a replacement
> for qjackctl:
> (depends on libprolooks:
> I already debianized it, and I currently develop on
> Hardy. How can I contribute it / make it ready for the
> next release of ubuntustudio?
The best thing you could do is joining the Debian Multimedia Team. They 
work closely together with the MOTUMedia team from Ubuntu and also with 
the team from 64studio. They work with git and all the teams have access 
to it. The advantage is that you don't have it in Ubuntu (Studio) only, 
but also in Debian (based distro's) and 64studio.

Here you can find more information about it:

Kind regards,


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