[Bug 275329] [NEW] gdm logout slow and logout items missing

hollunder hollunder at gmx.at
Sun Sep 28 11:19:39 BST 2008

On Sun, 28 Sep 2008 01:17:56 -0000
Lassi <lassi.vaatamoinen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Public bug reported:
> The GDM logout options screen takes about 1 minute to show up for the
> first time. In addition, only some of the total amount of options are
> shown. For example, "hibernate" and "suspend" options are missing.
> When logout is cancelled and the logout request is performed an
> another time, all the options are there and the dialog is brought up
> lot faster.
> This occurs for every session. So it is a systematic fault.
> ** Affects: ubuntustudio
>      Importance: Undecided
>          Status: New

What version of ubuntu studio is this?
I had that problem in the past and I'm pretty sure that it
doesn't/didn't only affect ubuntu studio. It certainly is a gnome/gdm
I don't have this problem with the 8.04 I'm using.
I could try to find out what the problem probably was, if needed, but in
the meantime, please check regular ubuntu for this problem and possible

Best regards,

gdm logout slow and logout items missing
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