[Bug 220866] Re: X Window fails after completing Ubuntu-Studio installation on Lenovo T60

The Resonator Twins theresonatortwins at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 02:49:39 BST 2008

Same issue on t60 - 6371-7du (intel 945gm mobile chipset, core duo 1.66, etc...) using ubuntu studio 8.04.
- Issue occurs at the end of the usplash sequence: usplash appears to complete, but then looks like it's doing a resolution check and throws up some garbage on the screen. Then the garbage changes. Then everything goes black and stays there. 
- Initial workaround - Esc to Grub on boot, boot in recovery mode, fix problems with x, resume boot. Then able to log in.
- Originally thought issue w. xorg.conf - edited file xorg.conf: no change. 
- Removed file xorg.conf: no change. 
- Installed most recent Intel linux video driver: no change.
- Attempted fix broken packages during recovery mode: no change.
- I do see some hard drive access after the black screen occurs.
- unable to Alt+F1 to the shell.
- Backed up a step to take a look at the big picture: Issue occurred at end of usplash, so investigated this angle further.
- Uninstalled ubuntu studio usplash theme. In terminal window at command prompt: sudo apt-get remove usplash-theme-ubuntustudio
. Result: able to boot to login screen 100% of the time, no issue. System then runs as normal.
- Installed default ubuntu usplash. Result: works like a vanilla ubuntu install. Able to login once complete.
- My conclusion is that the issue lies in the ubuntu studio usplash theme. For some reason it borks at the end, just before the login screen is to be displayed. 
Interesting side note: holding the power button long enough to initiate shutdown displays the shutdown usplash.
Can anyone else verify these findings?
Can anyone fix the usplash, cuz I really really dig it! It really is the best one I've ever seen on any OS.

X Window fails after completing Ubuntu-Studio installation on Lenovo T60
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