jack2 and laditools packages

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Sun Oct 19 00:15:11 BST 2008


Today I've updated the JACK2 and LADITools packages in ubuntustudio-dev
PPA. So I want to announce their existence, something I missed to do
when I've uploaded them week or so ago.

So, there is jack package with FFADO (firewire) support. It is built
From latest jack2 (was jackdmp) svn codebase (r3012 ATM).

LADITools is set if tools for configuring/controling and monitoring JACK
server and other related services (LASH and a2jmidid), if they are

In package is included "laditray" program, that is a tray icon from where
you can control JACK. It has menu from where you can launch "ladiconf",
a configuration utility that can configure JACK server. In the menu
there is also launcher item for ladilog, simple application that shows
logfiles of jack and related services. Log files of course can be
watched and inspected using other tools, ones used daily for log file
inspecting/monitoring. Log file for jack resides in the ~/.log/jack/

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