[VAC] No network access 23 Nov - 4/5 Dec

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 20 16:37:56 GMT 2008

Fellow Developers
    I'll be without Internet access from about 23rd November until
nearly UDS.  During much of this time, I'll likely be without access to
voice communications systems (mountains and lakes are nice once in a
while, but tend to have poor infrastructure).

    I think I have a fairly complete list of outstanding things to do
before that starts, and people willing to cover some of my ongoing
activities, but if any of you have something else that needs my
attention before UDS, please contact me soonest (e.g. within the next 24
hours) to make sure it gets on my list.

    I'm not likely to be able to review/respond for MC decisions for any
applicants that applied today (or later) before I go, although if I can
get the time, I'll certainly process them in chronological order and
provide (perhaps early) feedback from my technical review.  If any MC
decision reaches four votes, and is not tied, please consider me to have
automatically voted +0 so as not to delay decisions.

    I'll be catching up on irc logs and mail just prior to UDS, but
will have a stack: if you need something from me, and you see me back,
and I've not gotten to it, please poke me then.


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