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Mon Nov 17 20:51:03 GMT 2008

Cory K. a écrit :
> ttoine at wrote:
>> Cory K. a écrit :
>>> And honestly, I take offense to posts like this from someone who was
>>> *supposed* to be on our team, was even flown to the states for a UDS,
>>> and did *nothing*. Help us make things better. Don't complain about
>>> things when you know nothing of the situation. Ask questions.
>> I just did the first even Real Time Kernell for Ubuntu, available in a
>> repository. And that's why I have been invited at the UDS. I didn' ask
>> to come, please remember.
>> I still does documentation (mostly in french today), maintain the
>> UbuntuStudioPrepation page on the wiki wich is one of the bases for
>> Ubuntu Studio, do bug report, buy hardware for testing, and demonstrate
>> to audio professionals what we can do with Ardour. At the moment, I am
>> focusing on a dedicated production box for music, based on Linux, called
>> Promethee, with development of new LV2 plugins, etc....
>> So I don't think I am doing nothing, as you said. Oh, of course, beside
>> that, I have a work and a family, of course.
> If you say you're a contributor, I'm sorry, there are people who just
> consider themselves users that have done more and have never been
> invited to a UDS. (which you spent most of the time getting your own HW
> support looked at)
> *I* invited you because of your desire to work closely with the team. Do
> documentation and testing.
> You have done *no* documentation or testing that warranted the trip. It
> was a waste of the teams time and Canonical's money.
> shows no
> edits from you in at least 2 years and you have no account set up on the
> ISO testing page for Studio. Any gear you have bought matters not as you
> haven't communicated with us as to what you're testing and if it works
> or not.
> Don't delude yourself and don't assume you know what we're going through
> with Studio. Assuming and not asking questions is just insulting.
> This will be my last post on the matter.
> -Cory K.

Cory, the first invitation I get for the UDS was from Dana and Mark
Shuttleworth, it was not a request from you at all, I still have the
emails. Please remember that I didn't ask to come, it was proposed to
me, for my previous work on rt kernel. And Mark Shuttleworth had to ask
me a second time to make me come. That's all.

Another exemples of recent contribution : I was the main tester (thanks
to my collection of hardware) and one of the contributor for
alsa-firmware package (thanks to Toby for packaging). Then, I was at the
origin of the contact with Medibuntu to get it in their repository. I
was too the first people confirming that freebob driver works with jackd
in Ubuntu (in general, not only Studio)... I had telephon and email chat
(and did reports) with Steinberg people in France and Germany in order
to clarify their position and licence of the VST sdk (a kind of lgpl
licence), to try to find a way to distribute it. I still answer to bug
reports for pro sound cards on Launchpad. And you don't know anything of
my contributions in the french community of users.

To conclude that unfair discussion (you are the good, I seem to be the
bad), I have to remember something : as some people know (and I would
guess you too, Cory), the main reason why I am not anymore an official
contributor to Studio is because we (you and me) always disagree on what
is important for Studio, from user support/forum to theming, including
application focus, etc...  Team people can just have a look at the
history of the mailing list if they don't know or remember. That don't
mean I do nothing. At all...

My question was not intended to attack anybody, it was just a simple
question about what is really important for multimedia users... Are
theme and look so important ? Is it more important to have a set of
choosen apps tweaked to work well together ??  Well, here are my
questions, and questions of people I am working with on Linux based
audio products, and several users I follow in France.

But perhaps some people of the current team are not that same kind of
users. If this is the case, thanks in advance to unsuscribe me from all
the mailing list of Ubuntu Studio. I have no more time to spend here :
look is the last importance for me. If some people think I am not so
wrong, I would be pleased to see your answers, via the mailing list or
directly on mail email.

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