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Francisco UmaVida xumavidax at
Wed May 14 07:12:13 BST 2008

hi! Im on ubuntu art list, and I just saw the Ubuntu Studio DIY concept
ideias, and love the ideia! its something that I aways wanted to do/see...
I wanna help, but I dunno if my opinion is gonna ofend someone (cause
I dont have a good english, and dont know how to say this in other words)
well... here it goes: I think that its the greatest idea, but the examples
that you guys pic are kinda "poser", and the results could end looking
like all those teen megazines made by old guys trying to look seventeen
years old agains. sory if it was rude... its realy hard to express myself
in other language...
I think that what should be donne, is more like what street art does!
try to interact to the environment, but insted the urban environment,
we are talking about the virtual space! how would spray paint, stikers,
stencils and things like these would interect with the desktop?
if your browser window was a wall, where did you will put some paint?
maybe the close, maximize and minimize buttuns should look like grafitti...
maybe all the icons should!
another cool DIY art, are the collage, very used in zines, gig posters, and
band convers...
well... maybe I talked too much! here goes some cool diy art that I like
a lot! I will try to do some sketches to send to you guys and girls,
cause pics are better than words in some cases... ; )

i hope i can help!

PS: sorry for anything!!!  ***watch his MUTU wall painted animation!*** (check out the flyers)
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