Moving onto a new level with UbuntuStudio

SzerencseFia szerencsefia at
Mon May 12 21:11:22 BST 2008

Hi all,

Ubuntu Art Team is working hard to put ideas together for 8.10. I do so.
Previously I have made the two themes for UbuntuStudio Feisty
and Hardy on the name LightNstudio and now, apparently I work on a new
dark theme for UbuntuStudio 8.10

I would like offer this theme to include into the next Ubuntu-Studio release
and if it qualifies the theme could happen to be the default.

The theme is in beta version today, but already reached the level of development
progress that it can be used daily with Aurora engine.

I aim to harmonize the *use* (to be able to use my computer for many hours without making my eyes
tired) and the *look* (to have something tasteful on the desktop that I look at for many hours).

The theme is available on

I look forward to get the feedbacks on this idea.

Cheers, Erno [SzerencseFia]

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