Intrepid issues/review/plans

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Mon May 5 13:55:59 BST 2008

Toine wrote:
>  So you need to rewrite Jackrack, ZynAddSubFX, etc... it is not only a
>  midi support problem, but more an application problem : Ardour2 can
>  manage many controle surface, Hydrogen can be used by pads, Mixxx can
>  use several commercial midi/usb controls, etc... It's up to the
>  application to support those type of midi input, no ??

    Yes, it is up to the application.  On the other hand, ZynAddSubFX
handles input fairly well, Ardour has incrasing MIDI support, for
automation & control, for sequencing, and for routing.  Hydrogen not
only works with pads, but also allows tweaking of a variety of
parameters.  Mixxx works with nearly any control surface, and can be
adapted to even be controlled by keys.  JackRack is the exception
here, and from what I understand mostly needs a recompile and testing.

    Essentially, such a goal consists of testing any applications for
which MIDI control might make sense, and where there is not support,
checking to see if it can be enabled from a compilation option,
alternate branch, etc.  Where this also fails, look at the control
interface to see if such a solution is simple to add, and work with
upstream to get it in place.  For those remaining, it may be useful to
look for an application that can translate MIDI control inputs into
other input methods, to allow for control of applications where MIDI
is difficult, perhaps by emulating keyboard, mouse, or joystick

    Ideally, everything ought work.  This is unlikely to happen
without testing and analysis to identify what works, what doesn't
work, and what needs better integration.


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