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Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun May 4 00:58:23 BST 2008

ttoine at wrote:
> Cory K. a écrit :
>> Ok all. Intrepid is open and now is the time to identify things to shape
>> up for this cycle.
>> Please share things you would like to see.
>> Some things mentioned:
>>     * LV2
>>     * MIDI
>>     * jackmp -
>>     * Redundant packages in -audio?
>>     * Jog Wheel / Shuttle Pro Support? -
>>     * More default settings (that work for all. not just some)
>> Those are just a quick couple.
>> -Cory \m/
> Cory,
> I would like to add some ideas and thoughts :
>  - Jack to Pulse Audio, Pulse Audio to Jack plugin,

This will only happen if we can get JACK into Main. We're working on this.

> and  VLC plugin for
> Jack,

Since we have no real intrest in VLC someone else can handle this. File
a bug against Intrepid. It will be a wishlist.

>  - What about Lash, it is compiled, but if it could really work it would
> be great

AFAIK this would mean other apps would need to be "LASH-aware". I'm not
sure the current state of LASH is. Could you do this?

>  - Enhance the possibilities of the ubuntustudio-control applications,
> and maybe, so, use it for enabling right access to peripheral like
> JogDial (as you suggest), tweak Jack to Pulse Audio or Pulse Audio to
> Jack, etc... (if it can be programmed, of course)

There are plans for a UI redesign but as far as specific new features
someone would need to identify that feature and say what would need to
be involved. ie: files edited and such for said feature.

>  - Midi works well in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio, what do you want to add ?

I'm not sure. Just noted it because of a previous meeting. Others know

Please do not post above other posts. Reply below my text.

-Cory \m/

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