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Sat May 3 20:21:54 BST 2008

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Cory K. wrote:
| Ok all. Intrepid is open and now is the time to identify things to shape
| up for this cycle.
| Please share things you would like to see.
| Some things mentioned:
|     * LV2
|     * MIDI
|     * jackmp -
|     * Redundant packages in -audio?
|     * Jog Wheel / Shuttle Pro Support? -

This is definately something worth looking at for UDS. We do have the
slight issue of no one (other than the OP) having access to that
hardware. That said, it would be interesting to see what would need to
be done to get generic support for those devices into upcomming apps
like Lumiera or Kdenlive.

The current problem I see is how to translate the inputs given by the
jogwheel itself into something the apps can use.

|     * More default settings (that work for all. not just some)

I have registered a spec for a re-design of the Ubuntu Studio Controls
gui.[1] In addition, I would like to do some further user research to
figure out what sort of features we should target for intrepid.

Cory, in the past, you have mentioned that you are keeping a list of
applications we come across that do not work with dark themes. I would
be good to get those filed upstream and fixed in time for intrepid.



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