Intrepid issues/review/plans

ttoine at ttoine at
Sat May 3 16:53:51 BST 2008


I would like to add some ideas and thoughts :
 - Jack to Pulse Audio, Pulse Audio to Jack plugin, and  VLC plugin for
Jack, in order to ease everything working out of the box for everyone,
and of course, to ease the work of people working on video score
 - What about Lash, it is compiled, but if it could really work it would
be great
 - Enhance the possibilities of the ubuntustudio-control applications,
and maybe, so, use it for enabling right access to peripheral like
JogDial (as you suggest), tweak Jack to Pulse Audio or Pulse Audio to
Jack, etc... (if it can be programmed, of course)
 - Midi works well in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio, what do you want to add ?


Cory K. a écrit :
> Ok all. Intrepid is open and now is the time to identify things to shape
> up for this cycle.
> Please share things you would like to see.
> Some things mentioned:
>     * LV2
>     * MIDI
>     * jackmp -
>     * Redundant packages in -audio?
>     * Jog Wheel / Shuttle Pro Support? -
>     * More default settings (that work for all. not just some)
> Those are just a quick couple.
> -Cory \m/

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