JACK tmpdir identified as [/dev/shm] message

Marc R.J. Brevoort mrjb at dnd.utwente.nl
Sun Jun 15 22:24:33 BST 2008


When using JACK, the message

"JACK tmpdir identified as [/dev/shm]"

is sent to stderr whenever a program attempts JACK detection
and JACKD is not running.

It seems to me that this behaviour is undesireable for the following 

- It is ill behaviour for a library to write messages to the console;
- It seems to be a message of informative nature, rather than an
   error message;
- Even as a JACK application programmer, it doesn't provide me
   with any useful information;
- A program might check if JACK is running many, many times
   (every time a 'play' button is clicked, a seek slider is moved,
   etc), so that it can start using JACK whenever it becomes
   available; but this floods the console/stderr with useless
- Even sending this message to the log would flood the log with
   hundreds of identical messages.
- I can't turn it off!

I'd be very happy if this message could be suppresed by default.


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