Challenge/Declaration: June Is Documentation Month!

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at
Sun Jun 1 17:32:15 BST 2008

Let me preface this announcement with a disclaimer: This is not really
targeted at the developers of UbuntuStudio, but rather the users; an
identical announcement has been sent to that mailing list already, I just
thought the devs might want to know about or even help out with this

This is a one-time announcement to this list, for further discussion, please
go to:

Okay, so recently Prismatic7 (on pointed out that the
Community Documentation of UbuntuStudio is getting a little out of
date in some spots (like manually entering the realtime permissions), and is
completely absent in other spots (there's a link to music notation, but the
page doesn't even exist - there ARE multiple notation programs in

SO, to fix this, the whole community needs to chip in. If the work load is
spread evenly around then it will take no time at all to document the
features of UbuntuStudio. After all, this is the most popular
multimedia-specific linux distribution EVER!!! (or at least according to
distrowatch) In fact, when I put it in those terms, that community
documentation truly seems sad and decrepit. Thus,


I, with the lack of authority vested in me, challenge every member of the
community to step up and pitch in. Edit that documentation to be a shining
example of user-friendly help. Even the newbiest of newbs can help by simply
pointing out what they'd like to see, or even starting to write it
themselves (it's a wiki, so others can correct any mistakes you make).

Here are some ideas to kick start you:
-take a look through what's there already, fill gaps and fix errors
-list some helpful hints on ladspa plugins
-explain video... ...anything! (the current video page is empty!)
-talk about firewire and ffado (it's in beta testing stages)
-explain workarounds for audacity/pulseaudio issues
-walk a beginner through a recording setup
-walk a beginner through a soft synth setup
-explain vst installation

Try to edit a page every three days (or more!!) for the month of June.
Beginners can do a page a week. No actual commitment of time is enforceable,
but set yourself a goal and try to help.

We can use this thread ( for
discussion of more ideas, requests for pages, and other such general
discussion. I would suggest that we keep specific discussions on
page-related topic to those page's respective "talk pages" but I couldn't
seem to see any such pages (did I miss them?) so I guess that's kosher for
this thread too, though that could get messy (we'll cross that bridge when
we get there).

So I say unto you: Go forth and document!!

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