Ubuntu Studio Deriviative Suggestion

Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 20:39:10 BST 2008

AFAIK, that is it:  Console only or console capable audio software.  Julien's list includes other utilities and libraries I haven't listed.

-=Sean Edwards=-

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Sean Edwards wrote:
> Greetings list.
> I am a long time Linux and MIDI guy, and I have been lurking on this list for 14 months, since I first installed Ubuntu Studio.  A few months ago, I traded eMails with Julien Claussen about a console only (no X, no GUI) digital audio workstation.  Since I have some very old but usable hardware, I wanted to put together a collection of console only or console capable audio software.  It is a project bigger than my job allows time for, but here are some of my original thoughts for audio software packages to be included in such a project.
> I am sure this list will be modified:
> Alsa
> ecasound
> Fluidsynth
> Jack/Jackd
> Mplayer
> Timidity
> sox
> Julien's list is here:
> http://ltsb.sourceforge.net/links.html
> Is this a reasonable request for the deve list?
> -=Sean Edwards=-

This could be a easy metapackage. Is there any more to the idea than this?

-Cory \m/

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