Codec metapackages?

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Jul 7 16:30:37 BST 2008

ttoine at wrote:
> Ok. But think that we already have alsa-firmware packages in Medibuntu.
> And this is a well maintained and used repository: there is libdvdcss,
> some restricted codecs, etc... It means users watching dvds on Ubuntu
> are aware of the Medibuntu Project. Maybe we could just add the
> medibuntu repository to the checkbox list in Synaptic, for Ubuntu Studio
> ?? then,  considering it as an second kind of "restricted" repository,
> any user who wants to install all codecs, can do it more easy.
> Toine

It's not about how well maintained Medibuntu is. Its about doing
everything we can *in* Ubuntu.

We would be able to ship the "free" codecs and users can grab the
"nonfree" ones themselves.

Also, adding repos by default is not trivial (maybe impossible as things
are) and really something we're not in a position to undertake atm.

-Cory \m/

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