Move limits.conf settings to -audio task?

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Jan 13 14:09:37 GMT 2008

hollunder at wrote:
> Sampo Savolainen (aka. sampo_v2) asked on #ubuntustudio today if the
> settings in limits.config get set by default in ubuntu studio because
> there are many ubuntu studio users without those settings asking for
> help in #ardour.

> The current situation is that these settings are made by the
> meta-package ubuntustudio-default-settings which contains some other
> settings as well and gets pulled by the meta-package
> ubuntustudio-desktop.
> Which means that if a user wants just audio, whether he installs from
> dvd or not, he gets audio, but not said important settings.

> This situation should really be changed and the settings should
> either get their own package or get tied to the audio package.

> best regards
>     Philipp

This should have been a separate thread as it has nothing to do with the

This will _not_ get set in a new package as it would mean another
package to maintain. We are creating a app that will allow users to set
items in limits.conf. I will ask about the possibility of setting the
limits.conf stuff in the -audio package but realize things aren't as
easy as they might seem.

Touching limits.conf means editing another packages file. Thats a no no
in alot of people's minds. Moving where we set it might raise some eyebrows.

I suggest people use that or learn a little more about the system and
apps they are trying to use.


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