recent audio base applications

hollunder at hollunder at
Thu Jan 10 21:20:08 GMT 2008

Hi there,
just a few things to maybe look out for for the next release.

According to what I read on IRC there will be a jack release this week
(0.108) which will have among other stuff jack midi (better midi timing
because of one clock source with audio) additional to alsa midi.

The recently released qjackctl supports that already, as do some other

LV2 ( was officially released yesterday, some
plug-ins are available as well.

Among other recent niceties there is a new plugin pack called calf
( which features a synth and four plugins
(flanger, reverb, filter, delay) + two well working experimental ones
(organ synth, rotary speaker plugin) as ladspa, dssi and standalone
jack-app. It already uses jackmidi so the new jack is a prerequisite.
LV2 port is in the works.

These are just a few nice things I can think off that would be nice to
have in hardy.

best regards,

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