Open Movie Editor vs. Kdenlive.

Richard Spindler oracle at
Wed Feb 27 21:16:41 GMT 2008

Am Sonntag, den 27.01.2008, 20:03 -0500 schrieb Cory K.:
> > Open Movie Editor -
> >
> > KDEnlive -
> >
> > I'd also like to reference -
> >
> > as having some good points. ie: OME has JACK support.
> >
> > -Cory \m/
> Wow! Thanx for the overwhelming outpouring of technical help on this.
> Open Movie Editor it is.


Chatting with Cory I mentioned that OMEs JACK support is somewhat
lacking, however I am currently fixing this, and I will be at the Linux
Audio Conference to talk with JACK Users and Hackers.

Fully buffered and therefore "real-time safe" JACK support is already in
the Development Branch of Open Movie Editor, and I am planning to fix
some remaining issues with respect to OME acting as Jack Transport
"Slave", during LAC.

I am also planning to adopt jack as default audio engine in OME, because
portaudioV18, which I am currently providing only does OSS audio, and is
rather flaky to say the least. ;-)


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