Inclusion of more language packs.

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Feb 24 15:14:51 GMT 2008

Andrew Rooney wrote:
> As a rural Quebec dial-up user (I'm a anglophone from England living
> in a francophone community, I don't know if this make me an
> "International" user or just a glutton for punishment!) :-\      I
> would prefer some kind of choice not to include all language packs. I
> would say the majority of people do not have access to hi-speed
> /broadband /satellite internet, either through lack of infrastructure
> or money.
> Mind you are we talking MB or kb?
> Andrew

While this isn't a done deal, I will say Ubuntu is a broadband OS to
many and especially with Ubuntu Studio we aim at a higher-end systems.
_Usually_ this means more affluent people that also have high-speed
internet connections. The same thinking has led us to only have a DVD.

So that said, people on dial-up are less of a concern. Many have said "I
hate wasting a DVD for 900MB. Why not put more on it?" Language packs
look like a good fit here.

It's really gonna come down to exactly how much bigger it makes the
disk. I won't be concerned with 200MB or so.


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