Suggestion for menu layout

admin@smk admin at
Fri Feb 22 14:28:59 GMT 2008

Hello all

I have just started using Ubuntu studio. Very nice so far. I have a 
suggestion for the menu layout.

I would suggest two extra top level menus to sit along side the 
'applications, places and system' menus. One for video production and 
one for audio production. You could possibly even split video into 
graphics and video. Currently these are sub menus in the 'Sound & Video' 
menu. There are also a bunch of programs and utilities that sit outside 
the video and audio menus that should sit inside. I think these menus 
could even be seperated from the 'applications, places and system' 
menus. Maybe sitting on the other side of the menu bar.

Otherwise keep up the great work guys.


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