Jog Wheel / Shuttle Pro Support?

Richard Spindler oracle at
Tue Feb 5 15:32:49 GMT 2008


Applications like the Kino Video Editor have Support for Devices like
the "Shuttle Pro".

Those are plugged into the USB and recognized by the normal HID driver.
Mostly their actions are by default mapped to some mouse buttons and
wheels, but poorly. Kino implements its own handling for that device,
but it needs to have enough rights to open the /dev/input/event? device
associated to the jog wheel.

For this to work by default, Ubuntu would need some udev rules that make
input devices identified by the following USB-IDs, belong to a group
that the user belongs to by default, and the user needs read access.

struct media_ctrl_device supported_devices[] = {
	{ 0x0b33, 0x0030, "Contour ShuttlePRO v2", mc_shuttle_pro_keys,
translate_contour_hid_event },
	{ 0x0b33, 0x0020, "Contour ShuttleXPress", mc_shuttle_xpress_keys,
translate_contour_hid_event },
	{ 0x0b33, 0x0010, "Contour ShuttlePro", mc_shuttle_pro_keys,
translate_contour_hid_event },
	{ 0x0b33, 0x0011, "Contour ShuttlePro", mc_shuttle_pro_keys,
translate_contour_hid_event }, /* Hercules OEM */
	{ 0x05f3, 0x0240, "Contour ShuttlePro", mc_shuttle_pro_keys,
translate_contour_hid_event },
	{ 0x0760, 0x0001, "JLCooper MCS3", mc_jlcooper_mcs3_keys,
translate_compliant },
	{ 0x077d, 0x0410, "Griffin PowerMate", mc_powermate_keys,
translate_compliant },
	{ 0x05f3, 0x0241, "X-Keys Editor", mc_x_keys,
translate_contour_hid_event },
	{ 0, 0, 0 }

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