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Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Dec 7 19:36:08 GMT 2008

Eric Hedekar wrote:
> I know this would be much more intense to setup than just a
> meta-package, but it might be a thought to look into setting up a
> second partition or install that's configured as a production LAMP. 
> Maybe this is also possible to do with just a single
> partition/install, but I would be careful about security (can apache
> be configured to just respond to local requests?).  This would allow
> much more web development in server-side scripting etc...
> As for suggestions for the Metapackage (if there's time to build one):
> cssed - graphical CSS editor
> gphpedit - development environment for PHP/HTML/CSS
> kompozer - Complete Web Authoring System
> gftp - X/GTK+ FTP client
> agave - colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop   (i know the
> ubuntustudio-graphic already includes this, but it's quite useful for
> web design too)
> drivel - Blogging client for the GNOME desktop    (maybe not, but it's
> lightweight enough)
> Would it be possible to include flash/java/etc... support?  I kind of
> know the answer already, but I feel these are somewhat important for a
> web development suite so the issue shouldn't be ignored.
> If the op could suggest what troubles they've had configuring their
> development environment, then more could be done to help.

Gmail users: Please *DO NOT* top post.

I'm unsure about this really. It feels like a corner-case and would be a
very small user group. I am unsure if it's worth the trouble.

I'll say this though. If anyone starts a topic on the forums or
Brainstom idea and it gets alot of support (hundreds of votes) I'll be
on board to support a metapackage of apps only. We have a small team and
implementing else will really requite someone else to come on (without
*any* hand-holding) to get it done.

That's my 2 cents. Luis (now the Studio lead) might have other ideas.

-Cory K.

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