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Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Sun Aug 31 23:47:17 BST 2008

"Cory K." <coryisatm at ubuntu.com> writes:

> Недко Арнаудов (nedko) is a JACK dev that has been working wonderfully
> with us. He has an interest in getting his packages (for his JACK apps)
> is great shape for Ubuntu.
> Some of the things he would like to do in conjunction with us might
> require him to join our team. I see no issue other than possible
> subjecting him to unnecessary bug mail but I wanted to open this up to
> the team for discussion.
> Thoughts?

Currently I'm working on various aspects of LADI metaproject.
Its main goal is to improve desktop integration and user
workflow of Linux audio system based on JACK and LASH


In LADI scope are these projects:
 * a2jmidid
 * patchage/lpatchage
 * laditools

While Ubuntu is not the OS I use daily, I like it very much and I
consider it very important. Thus I have motivation to help Ubuntu
packaging to be of good quality for the code I'm interested in.
Still, my upstream involvement is more important to me than Ubuntu

In July I've created some preview quality packages. So far I publish
them through LADI Team PPA:


They are in REVU too

Apart from projects in scope of LADI metaproject there are several
projects that I'm interested to be in good shape for Ubuntu:
 * zynjacku
 * lv2zyn
 * jack_mixer
 * GMIDImonitor

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