Call for Testing: FFADO and Jack

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Fri Aug 29 19:25:00 BST 2008

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Cory K. wrote:
> Neil wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm not sure if I should be replying to this list or not (I am new to
> this).  However, I have (excitedly) installed the new ffado package into
> Ubuntu Studio 8.04.1, and update jackd, but cannot get the two working
> together.  When setting up jack via qjackctl, ffado does not appear in
> the "Driver:" dropdown list - I just get the same options I've always
> had.  When I try and start jackd from a terminal, I get the following:
>> JACK compiled with System V SHM support.
>> loading driver ..
>> firewire ERR: Incompatible libffado version! (libffado 1.999.36-)
>> cannot load driver module firewire
>> no message buffer overruns
>> no message buffer overruns
>> I seem to have a problem with Firewire in general.  When I launch
> gscanbus, I get this:
>> couldn't get handle: No such file or directory
>> This probably means that you don't have raw1394 support in the kernel
> or that
>> you haven't loaded the raw1394 module.
>> I have ticked the box to "Enable raw 1394" in Ubuntu Studio Controls",
> however.  If I do "modprobe raw1394", then gscanbus, I get a gscanbus
> window showing my AudioFire 8.  Is there a way to load raw1394 on boot?

Yes, add raw1394 to /etc/modules.

Enable raw1394 should probably have a more descriptive title. It does
not load the kernel modules for you but rather, fixes udev permissions.
Speaking of which, having -controls add raw1394 to /etc/modules is not a
bad idea...

When you modprobe raw1394, do you still get the error message with jack?


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