Call for Testing: FFADO and Jack

Cory K. coryisatm at
Fri Aug 29 16:57:17 BST 2008

Neil wrote:
> Hi
> I'm not sure if I should be replying to this list or not (I am new to
this).  However, I have (excitedly) installed the new ffado package into
Ubuntu Studio 8.04.1, and update jackd, but cannot get the two working
together.  When setting up jack via qjackctl, ffado does not appear in
the "Driver:" dropdown list - I just get the same options I've always
had.  When I try and start jackd from a terminal, I get the following:
> JACK compiled with System V SHM support.
> loading driver ..
> firewire ERR: Incompatible libffado version! (libffado 1.999.36-)
> cannot load driver module firewire
> no message buffer overruns
> no message buffer overruns
> I seem to have a problem with Firewire in general.  When I launch
gscanbus, I get this:
> couldn't get handle: No such file or directory
> This probably means that you don't have raw1394 support in the kernel
or that
> you haven't loaded the raw1394 module.
> I have ticked the box to "Enable raw 1394" in Ubuntu Studio Controls",
however.  If I do "modprobe raw1394", then gscanbus, I get a gscanbus
window showing my AudioFire 8.  Is there a way to load raw1394 on boot?
> Incidentally, I am running Ubuntu Studio on my Dell XPS 1530 laptop,
connecting my AudioFire to the internal firewire port - I've also tried
an ExpressCard, but get the same results.
> Please could you offer me any advice?
> Thanks very much.
> Regards
> Neil Padgett

Just remember not to top-post and Andrew will work with you on any any

-Cory K.

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