Call for Testing: FFADO and Jack

Andrew Hunter andrew at
Fri Aug 29 01:00:13 BST 2008

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Hey everyone,

I am pleased to announce that I have gotten the packaging of FFADO to
the point where additional testing is required.

In order to get the updated packages, you will need to add the Ubuntu
Studio PPA[1], apt-get update and apt-get install jackd. Instructions on
how to use jackd with ffado are available here[2]. (For those of you
running Intrepid, I also have available now in my personal PPA)

I hope that this will provide better jack support for the firewire audio
cards that are not supported by FreeBoB.

If there are no significant problems with the new package and updated
Jack, I will file for a Feature Freeze exception to get FFADO into
Intrepid and into our next release.

There is one caveat to these packages however, the upstream developers
have asked packagers not to enable generic framework support. This means
that some cards listed "Reported to work" may not with this
configuration. I will be contacting upstream to see if this is still
the case.

With that said, please test and reply with your feedback!


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