Hello dear Ubuntu Makers!

Igor Wnuk vombatradio at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 23:32:14 BST 2008

My name's Greg and i'm a co-autor of a project named Vombat Radio.
What we do is to make possible for musicans all around the world
to have an on-line concert for ... people all around the world :D
here's our webpage: www.vombatradio.com
We would like to cooperate with Ubuntu Studio so that all musicans
using this wonderfull soft (here in Vombat we use Ubuntu 8.04)
get to know that they have a possibility to play live gigs for free :D
Most of our artists come from net-labels releasing their music under
Creative Commons licence. We would gladly welcome Linux artists.

Greg/Vombat Radio
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