Review of the -audio seed

Emmet Hikory persia at
Sat Aug 16 15:38:13 BST 2008

   I've just reviewed the packages we have in the -audio seed, and has
a few notes as a result:

 * shaketracker: Tracker-style MIDI sequencer
 * swami: Soundfont editor

    Both of these are GTK+ 1.2 programs.  It may be worth discussing
moving to GTK+ 2 with upstream.  In the case of shaketracker, the
upstream homepage is gone, but the upstream developer is still
contactable.  In the case of swami, there is a GTK+ 2 version in SVN,
but this is yet unreleased: the mailing list has some traffic, and
would be the place to ask about the state and whether it might make
sense to pull a snapshot.  Alternately, if someone knows of a
replacement application, that could work as well, but I didn't find

* mixxx
* terminatorx

    These applications seem to do roughly the same thing, and in
roughly the same way.  Both seem to allow using an arbitrary sound
file for each of an arbitrary number of assigned virtual turntables,
and apply various effects and controls.  Both can be controlled by a
variety of input devices, including MIDI.  Personally, I think
terminatorx looks nicer, but I don't mix that much, so it may not have
the functionality to match it's aesthetics.  I think we should select
only one of these: whichever we determine to be more suitable for
Ubuntu Studio.

* gcdmaster
    The GNOME CD Master attempts to do anything that one might want to
do with a CD.  Since we have this seeded, do we also want to include
nautilus-cd-burner as part of ubuntustudio-desktop?

    Please share thoughts, opinions, etc.


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