[Bug 116006] Re: [theme] visibility problem: some menu or information lack contrast

nikhil niksa123 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 07:10:05 BST 2008

** Description changed:

  Several applications are affected by the Ubuntu Studio theme. This theme sometimes lack enough contrast to be readable everywhere. Here is a list of applications that have identified problem:
    - Open Office
    - Update Manager
  Important note: I have installed Ubuntu 7.04. I have added the
  repository of Ubuntu Studio and installed the ubuntustudio-look package.
  In Open Office:
  The menu and some of the toolbar icon are really difficult to read because they use a black colour which is difficult to see against the dark grey background.
  In Update Manager:
  When there are available updates, you should usually see in the upper panel something like: "Security update" label with then the list of packages that are security updates or "Recommended update" label with a list of updates which are not critical, etc.
  When using the Ubuntu Studio theme, the labels are not visible anymore: the font is using a really light grey colour against a somewhat white background.
  I'm discovering this theme, so I guess there are lots of other caveats
  with contrast that I did not yet see.
+ I too have observed the same problem as mentioned. This contrast problem
+ also comes up in the compiz-settings-manager window. The contrast is
+ very low to read the options provided in the main window. The text is
+ displayed but it is too difficult to read as it appers very faint.

[theme] visibility problem: some menu or information lack contrast
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