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emmet.hikory at gmail.com emmet.hikory at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 02:29:56 BST 2008

Hector Centeno wrote:
> I've tried to join packaging efforts before (Ubuntu and Fedora) but
> the whole administrative process seemed too slow and painful to me. I
> often find some good audio applications missing in the Ubuntu repos or
> some of them are not updated.  If I create a proper package of an
> updated version (like some LADSPA plugins, Csound, PureData, etc)
> would it take short time to be included in the public repos or would
> it have to wait for the next Ubuntu release?

    It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple months for
updates and newly packaged applications to reach the public
repositories, depending on the importance of the update, the current
point in the development cycle, and the availability and interest of
reviewers.  All such updates are committed to the then current
development release (Intrepid Ibex right now).  Once accepted, it may
be possible to update a previous release, either as a stable update
(for critical fixes) or a backport (for newer upstream versions that
do not break existing installations).   Either process to update a
previous release typically takes a minimum of two weeks, but is not
often pursued for the majority of updates as most developers are
focused on the quality of the upcoming release.


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