Yay! We dropped OO.o!

admin@smk admin at slowlymakingsmoke.com
Thu Apr 17 08:52:28 BST 2008

Oh wow, I did not know about that one, thanks.

mark at msbrepairs.com wrote:
> Although I rely on openoffice, I would be happy to loose it from ubuntustudio as
> long as it can be downloaded. (actually, I usually install studio via apt
> anyhow, so at that point, openoffice is already in the system)
> As far as invoicing is concerned, there is a great accounting program that has a
> deb installer now called 'quasar' 
> You can download it from www.linuxcanada.com
> Quoting "admin at smk" <admin at slowlymakingsmoke.com>:
>> True True, but how are you going to send that invoice to the client with 
>> out a word processor and spreadsheet...;)

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