Please welcome Luke Yelavich (TheMuso) as our new packaging lead.

Luis de Bethencourt bethencourt at
Thu Sep 20 19:17:50 BST 2007

A calid welcome to the Ubuntu Studio team from me. Let's boost up the
project and make it go even further.

All packagers should have new tasks and responsabilities soon. Who
would attend a meeting this sunday?

On 9/20/07, Cory K. <coryisatm at> wrote:
> In recent months Luke (TheMuso) has become an increasingly important
> part of the team. At first it was just to help out here and there. Now
> we feel he's become more than that. :)
> Luis and I have chatted and we feel because of Luke's great technical
> ability it would be in the best interest of the project to have Luke
> hold the lead packaging spot. I know Luke can help us all to learn alot
> as well as get us a little more organized.
> Luis and Luke will be working out as to what things Luis would like to
> retain as I feel that dumping everything on Luke would be a bit much.
> So give Luke a pat on the back and let's get ready to make Hardy rock. \m/

Hardy rock? Isn't that hard rock (like the cafe)?

Luis de Bethencourt

> -Cory

Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá
<bethencourt at>
GPG: B0ED1326

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