Hardy preparations.

Luke Yelavich themuso at themuso.com
Fri Oct 19 05:31:42 BST 2007

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Hi all
Over the next day or so, I am going to start prepping our bzr branches for hardy. This will 
mostly involve creating new branches for our current code, into dedicated branches for gutsy. 
This will allow easier referral or pulling patches from older branches should we need to do so. 
It also makes it easier for grabbing the work from this cycle, without having to understand how 
bzr works in terms of determining the latest revision for gusy, and pulling patches, etc.

Here is a list from the top of my head. If I've missed anything, please let me know.
ubuntustudio.gutsy <- seeds

They are the most important ones from memory, so they will be done first.

I would like to have everything as ready as possible so that when hardy opens, we can start 
planning, and getting packages updated. There are several big changes that need to be made to 
some of the above packages, which I'll be talking about with Cory, Luis, and Joe in Boston.

Any packagers on the team who do not yet have a MOTU mentor, I would advise you to seek one out. 
With the work we want to do for hardy, we will need as many of you as are available, and willing 
to commit time to the project.
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