[Poll] Changing permissions on raw1394

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Fri Nov 30 08:35:58 GMT 2007


I am doing it by hand on pc and my workstation, and suggested to dot it
to a many user I have provided support on the french community. Firewire
sound card is common on laptop now if you want quality (usb sound cards
are not very good with low latency).

Just a few question : I guess you agree that there is no security risk
if there are only disks, camera or sound card plugged in firewire,
because they are "passive" hardware. But is there really a way to have
ethernet on firewire ? Is it common ?


Andrew Hunter a écrit :
> Hey everyone!
> If you have not heard about it already, the Ubuntu Studio team is 
> looking at creating an app that would easily allow users to change 
> common settings that they may be currently editing by hand.[1]
> One of the features that we are considering is changing the permissions 
> on raw1394 /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules from disk to audio or 
> video. This is a necessary change currently to enable firewire based 
> devices to work as a regular user, such as firewire sound cards and 
> video cameras.
> The other alternative solution is to add the user to group "disk", 
> though this may also cause problems.
> The issue with this is that it creates a rather large security risk for 
> the system, in that any device on the firewire bus can run with root 
> privileges. This risk is less of an issue for stand-alone machines that 
> do not use Ethernet over firewire, but is still something to consider.
> I would like to stress that it _will not_ be changed by default. All 
> that we are considering is providing a more accessible way to modify 
> those settings.
> In the future, when Ubuntu and by extension Ubuntu Studio move to the 
> new firewire stack in the kernel, this issue will be an non-issue. The 
> new kernel stack provides much finer granularity and control over 
> permissions on specific devices.
> The question then I am posing to you guys is this: How many of you 
> already change this setting by hand?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> [1] 
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2007-November/000095.html

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