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Fri Nov 23 08:17:55 GMT 2007


Two good ideas would be with this little setup app:
- "fix" the sound card number (alsa order, hw0, hw1, etc...) for people
having several sound cards (ie motherboard sound card + pci sound card);
- enabling access to firewire (both for video cam and sound card), with
adding user to group "disk"

This is for me the two things that can bother people using Ubuntu Studio
and don't want/know what to edit and how.


Cory K. a écrit :
> Hi all.
> Luke and I were throwing around the idea of a little app for common
> settings that Ubuntu Studio users would like to have access to.
> It would have to be a app that ran as sudo. We would call it
> "ubuntustudio-controls"
> We would have to get together a list of common things that users usually
> edit by hand.
> One I can think of are in the limits.conf file. The "memlock" setting
> where it would be specific to the users system, depending on their
> amount of RAM. The "rtprio 99" and "nice -10" settings in limits.conf I
> think are static for the most part and we can continue to set those for
> the users and forget it.
> Any others?
> Anyone out there other than someone on the current dev team wanna help
> us tackle this? Now I must say this is just a app for common settings.
> Something to use a GUI to edit text files that you normally have to hunt
> for. We're not out to make a app that will be some billion setting monster.
> So throw out some ideas. :)
> -Cory \m/

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