Thoughts for default Hardy UI. (.deb included)

Cory K. coryisatm at
Wed Nov 21 23:47:04 GMT 2007

Toma wrote:
> On a side note, be aware that there are a few outstanding bugs in the
> diskmount applet,
> Most of these could be easily tested.
> As for the desktop, I do use it on my 'desktop' install, but when it
> comes to audio production, ardour is my desktop.


> And on that topic, would it be feasible to have brightside installed
> by default, since gnome is still lacking desktop switching on mouse
> edge? I dont know about everyone else with 1 monitor, but I use 1
> desktop for the Main window, and another for the mixer window. hitting
> the edge lets me flip between the 2 and tweak volume settings without
> losing my concentration. Its also handy for editing 2 things on the
> fly, eg, hydrogen and rosegraden running at the same time.
> -Toma.

If we decide to install compiz with minimal settings this *could* be
done there. The jury is still out on this one. Otherwise we wont ship

-Cory \m/

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