Thoughts for default Hardy UI. (.deb included)

Toma tomhaste at
Wed Nov 21 11:23:18 GMT 2007

> IMO this is even unnecessary since we will most likely set the drives to
> be mounted, but not browsed when inserted. See "Automatic launching of
> programs for removable media/connected devices." thread.

Its not so much the automated mounting Im worried about, its the not
so automated unmounting. What drives me insane is having to fuss about
to unmount a usb drive. For instance, Windows XP has that little
"Safely remove drive" Thing that pops up when a USB drive is present.
Its the same deal really. If only volume-manager would only recognise
USB devices... sigh.
It really is splitting hairs, but I just hope you really know where Im
coming from on the matter :)

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