Automatic launching of programs for removable media/connected devices.

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Greetings all.
One of the things we are doing for the UbuntuStudio Hardy release is making some changes to the desktop layout, and behavior. One of the things we are pondering changing, is what happens when you insert a disk, whether it be blank or containing data, and what happens when you connect removable devices, such as cameras etc. To get an idea of the options we are considering changing, open the system menu, go to preferences, and choose "Removable Drives and Media". 

One change we would really like to make, is when removable drives or disks are inserted, they will only appear on the desktop, and a nautilus window will not open. We are also considering disabling all the automatic running of applications for things like blank disks, audio CDs, DVDs, cameras, etc.

Before making these changes however, we would like users to have a say in what they think they would like to see happen, even going so far as to changing the program that gets run. So for example, if you wanted K3B to be used for both audio and data disks, we would change the settings to load K3B, instead of using nautilus or serpentine.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.
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