Decisions/noted from the 11/11/07 team meeting.

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Nov 12 14:27:48 GMT 2007

This is the amended list of Ideas/Decisions that came out of out team
meeting on Sunday. It includes who specific tasks were assigned to.

Thanx to all who attended. It was a very productive meeting.


1) New Packages
 * liquid-resize-plugin - (jussi01)
 * wired - (tsmthe "On hold")
 * alsa-firmware (get into restricted modules) - (tsmthe)
 * freemix - (luisbg)
 * gigedit - (AstralJava)
 * openlibs - (rexbron)
 * jbatch - (rexbron)
 * genpo - (rexbron)

2) Packages to look out for will be handled by a script that Joe will
create. It will show the Gutsy version vs. Debian (sid) vs. Hardy.
 * The job of reviewing this list will be assigned to someone. (Jussi
and AstralJava will handle this)

3) Recruitment. (not this cycle)

4) Get guys on a MOTU path. (syncs/merges and such) (TheMuso has a hand
on this)

5) What do we do with our PPA?
 * It was decided we will use it as our own playful,crackfull testing space.

6) Go over our package descriptions to standardize the use of "Ubuntu
Studio" in them.
 * ie: No Ubuntustudio or UbuntuStudio or Ubuntu-Studio. Always "Ubuntu
Studio". (luisbg will handle this)

7) Remove unneeded files from our art packages.
 * There looks to be duplicate files. (TheMuso will do this)

8) Edit meta descriptions to fix how they are displayed in our Tasksel
options. (Will need testing. Revert if it doesnt work.)

9) Backport important packages. (keep backports in mind for packages
users would want and file the needed bug.

10) For modification of Ubuntu packages that we work on, we will now use
"Ubuntu Studio Developers <ubuntu-studio-devel at>"
instead of MOTU now.

1) "Review video editors to possibly move from PiTiVi." (rexbron will be
gathering intel)

2) How far do we diverge form Debian?
 * This will be evaluated based on the versions of packages in
Ubuntu/Debian/upstream and what features/fixes the updates bring.

3) Wubi support. (Decision is "No" but do testing.)
 * Preformance issues?
 * Presentation?
 * Leaning toward No.

4) Compiz support. (Take this to the LinuxAudio ML)
 * Drawing the windows will cause less xruns.
 * Would have to ship with with a minimal config.
 * Disk would be bigger.
 * Blender crashes.

5) Addition of a more "full-featured" burning app. K3B, Gnomebaker or
Brasero  (K3B looks to be the choice based on features but take this to
our -users ML.

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