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Wed Jun 13 17:54:46 BST 2007

2007/6/13, kemoiz <kemoiz at verizon.net>:
>  Good morning...
>     I've a problem that I, have been unable to resolve or obtain help.
> I've been to the forum and that didn't work...
>     I installed UBUNTU without incident using the Wubi, download...  A few
> days later, I downloaded and installed Ubuntu-Studio.  Again all went well
> after the installation.... The next day when I  booted up my computer with
> Ubuntu-studio, I get an error message reading..:
> "Failed to start X server (Graphical Interface ) likely not set up
> properly...."
> It asked if I wanted to see the detail and when I clicked the yes button a
> screen gives me another message:
>           "X Window system Ver 7.2.0.  Release 22 Jan 2007, X Protocol
> Version 11, Rev 0, Rel 22....
>            Current OS Ubuntu 2.6.20 -16- Low laatency #2 SMP..."
> I've had suggestions to use the command line and reconfigure my video
> card....
> I'm unable to get to a command line......
> Fortunately, I'm running Windows XP home edition, but would enjoy getting
> the Linux OS working.....
> Any help would be appreciated......
>                                                             Thanks,
> Joe

I think your problem is that you have installed  the proprietary  video
drivers with the ubuntu default kernel.  Because  UStudio needs realtime the
kernel that it uses is different from the ubuntu default kernel (at grub you
may choose the old kernel to see if this is the problem).

with nano see the Xorg log file:

nano /var/log/xorg.0.log

If so you have two choices:

1. change your graphic configuration so you may use the non proprietary
drivers (without 3d acceleration)

now you don't have Xorg working (graphic environment) so you already have a
command line :)

to change your Xorg config file must do:
enter your normal user and password

sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup.file.in.case.i.f.up
sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

(will ask your password again)
nano is like dos edit

where is

Driver		"nvidia"

change it to

Driver		"nv"

should work ;)

2. install the proprietary drivers again against the new kernel (harder to

must have the kernel headers installed (with apt-get)
run the nvidia installer

sorry for bad english

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