Ubuntu Studio theme problems

Eric Ladner eric.ladner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 18:21:31 BST 2007

This is probably better suited for the devel list....  (posted on
users earlier - sorry).

There's some strangeness with inactive windows and the text in them.
As an example, in the Update Manager, when the installation dialog
pops up, the original window goes inactive.  The text in the inactive
window actually gets brighter instead of dimmer like you would think.
It looks like the text has a medium grey color with a white drop

As another example, open up Gedit and look through the menus for
inactive menu items.  They look strange as well - brighter looking
than the active menu items because of the white drop shadow.  All
standard GNOME apps exhibit this behavior.

As a counter example, though, firefox's menus look just fine.   It's
the only app I've seen so far that does.

Very nice theme though.  I'd take a stab at fixing it, but I'm not a
gtkrc or theme hacker by any stretch of the imagination.

Eric Ladner

Eric Ladner

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