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ttoine at ttoine.net ttoine at ttoine.net
Wed Jul 18 14:53:27 BST 2007


Glad to be in the list again.

Well, it was just to apologize to not have taken a lot of time on the 
channel, etc... I spend most of may and june in my bed because i was 
sick, and spend the rest of my time for the french commynity, doing 
support, and looking about what would be good for live video 
performance. I  worked too for a presentation of ubuntu studio, with a 
show in Paris. You can see the different videos here : 
http://ubuntu-party.org/videos.php . Mine is on the right, all videos 
are in french. End of news.

In this mail, I would ask about the possibility to add to the 
ubuntustudio-graphics meta the "cups-pdf" package. And if somebody know 
how to do it, it would be great to provide a cmyk generic ppd file, but 
it is not compulsory.

Second was about live video. VeeJay seems to be a good tool for that, 
and I know that is possible to package it for Ubuntu, we have done a bit 
of trials with some guys of the french community. I don't think it will 
be possible to have it in Gutsy, but I would like that you have it in 
mind for +2.

Last point about audio : lash is packaged in the lastest version in 
Gutsy, so why don't add it to ubuntustudio-audio, and add to the package 
a menu icon for lash_panel ?

It was just though about what I did and talk about Ubuntu Studio.

See you on the irc for most of you,


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