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cape at cape at
Sat Dec 15 19:19:15 GMT 2007

I'm sorry to bother you, i wanted to try your distro before contacting you, but 
i have no more space on my HD...
I was serching for a multimedia distro to be used for realtime sound 
manipulation and i saw this new project. My question is: Is this distro and the 
programs included compatible with jack? If not, did you plan to implement it in 
the future?  I need very low latency and lot of compatibility among programs
(VST kind), and jack is the best for this. 

                                                       Grazie Infinite
BTW, i personally think that you have a very important responsability  for the 
linux community since multimedia is the the weakest link of any linux distro, 
and if you menage to make a really super optimized low latency distro for 
professional use, it could be the turning point for linux angainst M$('couse 
it's war, man!).


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